FAIR SQUARED cocoa powder (organic) 100 g

Product.Nr.: 04910464

Manufacturer: Fair Squared

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product description

Already the Aztecs and Mayas cultivated cocoa and used the rich cocoa butter as a basis for ointments, against fever, poisoning and snake bites. The rather tart cocoa powder was already used in drinks during the advanced civilizations.

But the tart bean can do even more: the cocoheal contained in cocoa promotes the formation of new skin cells, thus supporting the healing of wounds and smoothing wrinkles. Embedded in creams, cocoa forms a thin film on the skin, which ensures that not too much moisture evaporates. Cocoa powder can also be used to sweeten the aging process. The polyphenols contained in cocoa act as a kind of natural preservative for the cells by trapping free radicals and thus slowing down the ageing of the skin.

Cocoa is therefore an effective skin care product that can be enjoyed without any calories...