Raw Materials

FAIR SQUARED: precious raw materials

The FAIR SQUARED products are coined by their ingredients, and the ""fair stories"" behind. The central element of the body and hygiene series is fair trade. By paying a higher wage to the people in poorer countries of the world, they and their families can make a living.

But what makes the precious raw materials so special for cosmetical use? For what reason are some of them popular for many centuries now? Learn here about the qualities of olive oil, green tea, and other ingredients by FAIR SQUARED.

Ingredients and their advantages for FAIR SQUARED cosmetical products:

unsere Fair Trade Rohstoffe : AprikoseThe oil from the kernels of ripe apricots is often recommended for dry and sensitive skins, because of it soothing effect. By this, it is usually used to nourish irritated skin - for example from dermatitis or bad skin. Moreover, it is used for nourishing hair and scalp since it keeps them moisturized. Additionally, apricot kernel oil is said to soothen itchy scalps and help fight dandruff.

unsere Fair Trade Rohstoffe : AprikoseMade from the nuts of the argan tree, precious argan oil has been famous in usage in skin and body care. Its high amount of antioxidants like vitamin E is the reason why it is often said to have a high anti-aging effect. The result is soft, tight skin. Also in hair care contexts, the "liquid gold of Morocco" is said to protect the hair from breaking, and is used as supporting shine, and elasticity.

Green Tea
unsere Fair Trade Rohstoffe : AprikoseThe unfermented green tea is popular for its centuries-old reputation of its special role in antioxidant contexts. As a captor of free radicals, the often used for drinks ingredient is mainly associated with a high anti-aging effect. Moreover, green tea is said to have a soothing effect on skins which tend to blemish. This is due to its high amount of zinc.

unsere Fair Trade Rohstoffe : AprikoseCoffee is considered to be a real wonder weapon against a lot of discomforts. But to be honest, most of the time, it is simply marketing scam. Actually, orally applied, caffeine can cause a stimulating effect. But how about using it externally? Caffeine is said to have a high antioxidant effect which may improve the cell renewal, one of the different things which can be applied to anti-aging. Moreover, coffee is often applied to an anti-inflammatory quality.

unsere Fair Trade Rohstoffe : AprikoseCocoa in cosmetics? Not a new thing, actually, since many producers are offering products which are based on the belief in the positive effects of the beans from the cocoa tree. Manufactured to cocoa butter, it has an ideal consistency which can amongst others be used for massages. Cocoa butter begins to melt at body temperature and leaves a soft skin. It is therefore quite popular for nurturing dry and strained skin.

unsere Fair Trade Rohstoffe : AprikoseThe oil of the coconut has some qualities very popular for using it in cosmetical terms. First, it is rich in natural antioxidants and vitamin D, famous for its anti-aging effects. Versatile usage, it can also serve for caring dry hair or skin. A real allrounder in the bathroom, coconut oil also serves perfectly as a make-up remover - with a high amount of unsaturated fatty acids.

unsere Fair Trade Rohstoffe : Aprikose The lime, the small green sister of the lemon, is not usually connected to cosmetically used plants because of its good qualities. But lime extract or the oil of citric fruits are thought of containing some ingredients which are interesting in skin and hair care terms. The fruit is believed to have a high amount of natural antioxidants and to attain a power to successfully fight bacteria. When applied externally, it is also said to have a reviving, and skin improving effect.

unsere Fair Trade Rohstoffe : Aprikose The oil from the kernels of the almond tree has already gained relevance in antiquity. Up until now, several positive qualitities for the human health are attached to it. One reason is the cold pressed oil's high amount of unsaturated fatty acids. They are said to be mild to the skin and can be well-tolerated by dry skin. By this, a sensitive skin type can profit from using almond oil. Since it isn't absorbed quickly, it can also function as a massage oil.

Natural rubber
unsere Fair Trade Rohstoffe : AprikoseActually, natural rubber, the sap from the Hevea brasiliensis, is not a cosmetical material. But since it plays a central role for many FAIR SQUARED products, we'd like to introduce it to you. As a natural, renewable material, natural rubber can be called a ressource-friendly alternative to synthetic materials. Moreover, the rubber tree is said to store a multitude of carbon compared to rainforests. Amongst others, that is one reason that many FAIR SQUARED and FAIR ZONE products are made from rubber instead of plastics.

unsere Fair Trade Rohstoffe : AprikoseNo only in the kitchen, the cold pressed (virgin) oil from the olive tree is famous for being an allrounder. In antiquity, olive oil was well known for nurturing the skin. For example, it is said to contain a lot of antioxidants and vitamin A and E which may have a positive anti-aging effect. Since the chemical structure of olive oil is quite similar to that of the human skin, it is recommended for caring dry, sensitive skins. Besides, is does not plug up the pores, and can protect from skin irritations like those after shaving.

unsere Fair Trade Rohstoffe : AprikoseShea butter is obtained from the ripe nuts from the tree of the same name. Sometimes called karité butter, it is said to have a high cosmetical effect. For some centuries, it is already used as a cream to protect the skin from external factors. Besides, shea butter is used as massage oil since it stays on the skin for quite long and is easily liquified. Torn skin, and dry hair can also improve by its nourishing quality.

unsere Fair Trade Rohstoffe : AprikoseMainly because of its typical aroma, vanilla extract is included in natural cosmetical formulas. An charming, sensual scent which may balance the spirit. But did you know that vanilla had also been used in former times for it is said to be an aphrodisiac? Also many people are convinced that the extract from the vanilla pod may bring ease to skin diseases like neurodermatitis.