Zero Waste

Zero waste: natural cosmetics in reusable glasses

Maximum sustainable, reused for many times: the FAIR SQUARED zero waste system with refillable glasses and other containers. You ask yourself how you can become a part of it? It's very simple: Fill your store with our products and actively contribute to closing the loop.

zero waste kreislauf

FAIR SQUARED zero waste circular system: that's how it works!

For that everything we've created works out, we need to receive the empty containers again to refill them. But how does this work? We explain it to you via this illustration.
  1. 1. Filled Glasses, and tins are brought to the shop. An additional note explains the circular system to the customer.
  2. Cleverly positioned, the glasses will soon attract attention in your store. People with a high amount of ethical and ecological consciousness will surely buy them.
  3. The ingredients of the zero waste glasses are gradually consumed. The advantage: There is no waste included, the products are being produced climate-neutrally, and packaged for 100 % plastic-free.
  4. When the containers are emptied, we'd like you as a retailer to return them to us. It's up to you to take a deposit for them. As a thank-you for participating in the zero waste system, we'd like to refund you. If you send back at least 12 intact glasses or tins, please use our return form for your parcel. We will then refund you 2 € for the postage plus 0,30 € net for every intact container.
  5. Back again at our headquarter, we have the glasses being cleansed professionally so that they are ready for being refilled.
  6. After the refillment, the circle is closed because the glasses go back to the stores.
You have collected some zero waste containers in your store? Please send them back. Everything that's still fine, can be reused. Just send us your parcel with at least 12 pieces so that we can soon refund you. Please keep in mind that you include the return form in the sending and padd the glasses well, sending it to:

Hermann-Heinrich-Gossen-Str. 4
50858 Köln

Are there any questions unanswered concerning zero waste and FAIR SQUARED? Many of them find their responds der on the website of our sustainable natural cosmetics branch.